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Best point guard in the game: (A) Deron Williams and (B) Chris Paul. Tough choice between those two. (C) Billups #3, he redefined the culture in Denver. (D) Tony Parker is # 4. Rondo and Derrick Rose are on the list as well. Baron Davis of the Clips and Gilbert of the Wizards are high on my list when healthy. Watch out for Russell Westbrook of the Thunder, I like his size, athletic ability and skill set.

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3 Comments on "Twitter Response: Best Point Guard"

  1. andrea May 31, 2009 at 12:29 am · Reply

    I’ll take that and rate them. 1 DWILL 2 CP3 3 Chauncy 4 Boom DIZZLE 5 TParker 6 Rondo 7 Gill Russell Westbrook hasn’t proven anything other than he is an athlete go easy.

  2. andrea May 31, 2009 at 2:01 pm · Reply

    After Gil at 7 I would go 8-13 8 Nash 9 Kidd 10 Calderon (from what I’ve heard-Raptors are never on tv)11 D Rose 12 Devin Harris 13 Andre Miller (free throws)Then I would put in the young athletes Westbrook (stupid athletic) Raymond Felton (young and coached by Brown)Sergio Rodriguez Jameer Nelson Rafer Alston BUT WHAT AMAZES IS HOW THAT LEAVES US SHORT AT LEAST 10 POINT GUARDS THAT TEAMS NEED? Wow!

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